Get Food

We are open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 1-3 pm. We ask that you do not arrive early, as there is plenty of food for everyone.

Get Help:

Come to our “Joy’s Free Food Share”

We are open to anyone who feels they need food for themselves, their families, neighbors, friends, or to share with a stranger in need.

You do not have to meet any requirements to assess food. 

Asking for help can feel strange and often challenging. We want you to know that 98% of our volunteers and staff rely directly on Joy’s for their weekly groceries. Everyone here is treated like family, and everyone is welcome.

Did you know you are actually helping us in our mission to recover food and feed more people? Every time you shop, you directly and tangibly save precious resources from being wasted and promote a sustainable future.


If you would like to volunteer and shop after your shift, please sign up here on the day you wish to come.