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We are thrilled to be activating Joy at Riss and Vibe, deepening into the question…. When you’re are nourished, comforted and held in community; what conversation can we bring to the table for others? is supported through community engagement and we are thankful to reach others with the unity we serve others with.
By activating in Joy, and showing up, Rise and Vibes community has fed now more than 400 families and helped us sustain over 10,000 pounds of food rescue operation’s for the coming weeks !
Friendly reminder to sign up for your Food Rescue Warrior Shift!

You can make a shift in 3 hours and we promise you’ll feel the JOY!
This weekend, we were fortunate to off a Joy's Kitchen: Rescue Food - Feed People lounge and resting nest for festival goers Rise and Vibes Music Festival. It was a success, and a wonderful experience to showcase all of the amazing ways that community is coming together not only for Joy’s, also for the greater good of all beings.
Through supporting, we are supoorted.

The efforts that music lifts up for the unification of needs in this world to be met, offered and expanded is beautiful. Music reminds us through the heart, that there is celebration, relationship and work to be done. Through music, we reflect our humanity and call for others to join the dance. It’s where we can show up in our authenticity, our oneness and experience together.

Please join us again next weekend Tico Time Bluegrass Festival in the Joy’s Lounge- grab some popcorn, take a seat and see what conversation you can bring to the table!

Feeding people together- one note at a time!
Join us May 17-19 In Beautiful Durango Colorado and come chill in the Joy Lounge to support tangible change within the music community 🤍
Did you know that we partner with Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network?
It’s one of the ways we extend through the city into homes that need Joy the most.
Every Friday, volunteers sign up to show up to pick up boxes that our volunteers make and deliver them straight to the doorsteps of the compromised. We partner to serve about 15-20 families a week and have been hand in hand since 2020.

There are so many ways just an hour of your time can help, and contributions can support. Please think of volunteering today and giving a gift to those in need.

If delivering a box through RMMAN on Fridays sounds like it fits your gift; please visit :

🤍 we love RMMAN!
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2,947 pounds log food through the food recovery systems today- plus 732 pounds at Fresh Food Center (grocery rescue) at our partner agency Food Bank of the Rockies!

This is a typical day in any average Friday. We take advantage of Fresh Food Center knowing much of the food will perish through the weekend sitting there. We strive to move as much food into the hands of community as possible!
94 families helped this afternoon 🙌🏻 at our Saturday food distribution. We are so thankful it was another successful week of Joy!

Catch our weekend Community Engagement at The Blues Festival at Tico Time this weekend. We are thrilled to offer the opportunity for folks to step into Joy with everything they do and where we gather.

We are powerful through Joy to help this hurting world and offer hope.
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We are so thankful for this community outreach project this week!