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Joy’s Kitchen: Building a Caring, Sustainable Community

A United Community for a Common Cause

Joy's Kitchen: Building a Caring, Sustainable Community
Joy's Kitchen is more than just a place for food assistance; it's a space where the community comes together, working hand in hand to make a difference. Our focus is on authentic and intentional collaboration to address food insecurity and waste at the grassroots level.
By participating in Joy's Kitchen, you become part of the solution to hunger in our neighborhoods. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected community.

In Colorado, a staggering 42% of food in retail chains ends up as waste, primarily due to overproduction. Limited store space, high consumer demands, and the pursuit of perfect-looking products contribute to this issue.

Unsold food, amounting to over 80 billion pounds annually in America, is discarded in landfills. According to the nonprofit ReFED, more than a third of all food grown for human consumption in the United States never reaches a plate. This wasted food represents $408 billion worth of resources, grown on 18% of U.S. farmland and using 4 trillion tons of water.

At Joy's Kitchen, we're committed to rescuing and redistributing this food to help over 20,000 families in Colorado. With your love, support, and contributions, we can continue to make a difference in our local communities.