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Joy’s Kitchen is a non-profit food rescue organization with the mission to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste in Colorado. We aim to achieve this by rescuing nutritious food, feeding families in need, and fostering a strong sense of community and sustainability. We envision a world where no one goes hungry, and food is used wisely. Our purpose is to support food security, promote environmentally-conscious practices, and shape the future by inspiring change.

Our primary goals include:

  1. Rescuing and redistributing nutritious food to 6,000 families per month, ensuring access to wholesome meals for those in need.
  2. Collaborating with local businesses, donors, and volunteers to support our food rescue efforts and community programs.
  3. Educating and raising awareness about food waste, hunger, and sustainable practices to inspire individual and collective action.
  4. Promoting inclusivity, community engagement, and shared responsibility in addressing food security and environmental challenges.

By focusing on these goals, Joy’s Kitchen strives to make a lasting impact on the lives of families in Colorado, fostering a sustainable and compassionate community for generations to come.