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Joy’s Kitchen is collaborating with our friends at 128 Productions and Artist Resource Network to create  something really special!

Joy’s Kitchen collaborated with our friends at Artist Resource Network and 128 Productions to bring you an exceptional event on April 22nd, 2023, at Denver’s iconic Civic Center Park for the inaugural Artist Resource Network showcase at The Regenerate Festival.

We co-created the Secret Garden, a haven designed to foster creativity, connection, and inspiration. Our focus is on regenerative practices, permaculture principles, upcycling, and positive energy, all brought to life through an enchanting and interactive environment. Delight, educate, and inspire festival-goers with our solar punk psychedelic stage design, immersive art installations, and the powerful Funktion One 5-way Dance Stacks Festival Sound System.

We are raising $82,500 for a used refrigerated truck

Joy’s Kitchen a local non-profit, which is currently supporting the food need 6,000 families per month in Denver. Our goal is to help them purchase a used refrigerated  truck to meet the increasing demand for their emergency food services.