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What is Donation Boosting?

Donation Boosting is a vibrant and collaborative way to increase the value of every donation made to Joy’s Kitchen. By becoming a Booster, you add to our “Boosting Pool,” a special fund that supercharges each donation, helping us provide more meals and rescue more food.

How It Works

  1. Make Your Donation: Contribute to Joy’s Kitchen as you normally would. Every bit helps!
  2. Join the Boosting Pool: Decide how much extra you’d like to add to the Boosting Pool. This is your Booster contribution.
  3. Watch Donations Grow: Each donation made to Joy’s Kitchen gets a 25% boost from the pool, stretching every dollar further.
  4. Keep the Momentum Going: The Boosting Pool continues to magnify donations until it’s depleted, but don’t worry, it can always be refilled by generous supporters like you!

Become a Booster

  • Individuals: Show your personal commitment to fighting food insecurity.
  • Businesses and Organizations: Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and community spirit.
  • Honor a Loved One: Dedicate your Booster contribution to someone special.

Display Your Support

As a Booster, you can choose to display your name, your business/organization’s name, or honor someone special right here on our Boosting Page. It’s a meaningful way to make your contribution visible and inspire others.

Why Boost?

  • Greater Impact: Your boosted contribution means more food rescued, more meals provided, and more families helped.
  • Community Engagement: Join a community of like-minded individuals and organizations passionate about making a difference.
  • Visibility for Supporters: Gain recognition for your generosity or honor a loved one in a unique and impactful way.
  • Fun and Fulfilling: Experience the joy of seeing your contribution create a larger ripple effect.

Ready to Boost?