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The Love Club Has Launched 12/02/23

By December 12, 2023No Comments

On December 2, 2023 the “Love House” hosted By Seraiah (Brian Wood).
This was Love Houses 10th Anniversary Party and a Collaboration between Kathy Stanley of Joy’s Kitchen and Seraiah to user in the “Love Club’. The reality of how we can gather and impact the world is here and we are excited to announce the impact from this gathering ripples wide.
The funds collected at the Love Club generated a full weeks of operations for Joy’s.
30,000 pounds of food will be intercepted that had been slated for waste and 1,250 Families fed freely without restriction or requirements. That is pure love being poured out in honor of this special gathering from December 11th-December 15th 2023.

Many came together or this event and here is a glimpse into who they are and why Joy and Love are so important.

Artist Feature: Bloomurian

Who are you?
“My name is Robin Liepman, known by many as Bloom, originally from San Luis Obispo, California, and living in Boulder, Colorado. I am a music producer, DJ, singer/songwriter, event organizer, regenerative activist and educator. My main music project is Bloomurian, which is a combination of the words Bloom and Lemurian. With my original music, I weave an eclectic blend of bass frequencies, vocals and instruments from around the world, beautiful vocal collaborations, and emotional melodies. As a DJ, I mix together whatever the moment is calling for. I also organize music education retreats under the name “One Sound,” organize a weekly movement event called Boulder Ecstatic Dance, and have a long history of Permaculture design, education, and activism. My ultimate goal is to weave music, regenerative action, and education.”

Why did you choose to support in over $750 worth of donated services and time for this event?
“Joy’s Kitchen does so much good, and it brings me joy to support the cause. I’ve seen how Joy’s Kitchen has supported so many people, families and events, including my recent music retreat called UniSound, and the ongoing drive that Kathy & the team have for making the world a better place.”

How can we learn more, connect, support and listen to you?

Are there visions you would like to share?
“I would love to find ways for my music to support regenerative action and global solutions. As an event organizer, I know how much energy goes into making something happen with a small team, but with a broader network of support, anything is possible. I’ve been very inspired by the Village Building Convergence that started in Portland, Oregon, and even organized one in my hometown, and supported one in Nevada City. I attempted to organize a Denver Village Building Convergence a few years ago but it fizzled out. I would be very interested in supporting a Boulder and/or Denver Village Building Convergence if a strong enough team formed to make it happen, or anything of that nature. I love finding creative ways where music can be a catalyst for regenerative action and solutions.
Additionally, I am a music educator and am happy to support you on your journey as an electronic music producer, singer/songwriter, DJ, or event organizer. Reach out to me at to coordinate!”

Thank you Bloomarian “Bloom” for being JOY. Today is in your honor. 12/12/23