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How we calculate impact of donations

By December 22, 2023No Comments

At Joy’s Kitchen, our mission is to fight food insecurity and reduce food waste in Colorado. But what does this mission look like in action, especially when it comes to the impact of your donations? Let’s delve into the numbers and see how every dollar donated translates into tangible outcomes in our community.

The Power of a Dollar: Rescuing Food

For every dollar donated to Joy’s Kitchen, an impressive 10.6 pounds of food are rescued and distributed. This number is more than just a statistic; it’s a lifeline for families facing food insecurity. Through our extensive network and efficient operations, we ensure that your contributions are transformed into real, life-sustaining resources.

Breaking Down the Numbers: Meals Per Dollar

Understanding how this food rescue translates into meals is crucial. On average, one meal is equivalent to about 1.2 pounds of food. This means, for every dollar donated, we can provide approximately 8.8 meals (10.6 pounds divided by 1.2 pounds per meal). This calculation underscores the significant impact of even the smallest donations.

A Wider Impact: Beyond Numbers

The impact of your donation extends beyond the immediate provision of meals. By rescuing food, we’re also combatting climate change and promoting sustainability. Food waste is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions; thus, by redirecting food from landfills to dinner tables, we’re not only feeding families but also protecting our planet. For every dollar donated to Joy’s Kitchen, an impressive 2.88 kg of CO2-equivalent emissions are offset. This environmental impact is equivalent to driving an average car approximately 1.16 miles

Join the Movement: Your Role in Our Mission

At Joy’s Kitchen, we believe in the power of community. Each contribution, no matter the size, is a crucial part of our mission. Your donations enable us to continue our work, rescuing more food, feeding more families, and fostering a more sustainable future.