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Donation Boosting

By December 25, 2023February 23rd, 2024No Comments

We’re excited to introduce “Donation Boosting,” an fun and engaging way for our community to come together and make each donation go further. This new feature adds an extra layer of enthusiasm and impact to your contributions, and here’s how it works.

What is Donation Boosting?

Donation Boosting is a collaborative effort where individuals, businesses, and organizations can add to a collective “Boosting Pool.” This pool acts as a bonus fund, amplifying each donation made to Joy’s Kitchen.

How Does it Work?

  1. Become a Booster: Anyone who donates to Joy’s Kitchen can choose to become a “Booster” by contributing an additional amount to the Boosting Pool.
  2. Boosting the Impact: For every donation made to Joy’s Kitchen, an additional 25% is added from the Boosting Pool. This means if you donate $100, Joy’s Kitchen receives $125!
  3. Until the Pool Runs Dry: The Boosting Pool will continue to amplify donations until it’s drained. But don’t worry – it can always be replenished by generous Boosters!

Make Your Mark

As a Booster, you have the unique option to leave your mark in the Boosting section. Whether you’re an individual, a local business, or an organization, you can choose to display:

  • Your Name: Show your personal support for the cause.
  • Your Business or Organization Name: A great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and community involvement.
  • Honor Someone Special: Dedicate your contribution to a loved one, creating a legacy of generosity and compassion.

Why Participate in Donation Boosting?

  • Amplify Your Impact: Every dollar you contribute has a more significant effect, making a real difference in our fight against food insecurity.
  • Community Spirit: It’s a collaborative effort, showcasing the power of a united community working towards a common goal.
  • Recognition and Remembrance: A unique way to showcase support or remember a loved one while contributing to a noble cause.
  • Fun and Engaging: Donation Boosting adds an element of excitement to philanthropy. Watching the pool grow and boost donations in real-time is deeply satisfying.

Join the Wave of Change

This initiative not only boosts donations but also boosts morale, community spirit, and the shared joy of making a difference. So, become a Booster today, and let’s see how high we can take this wave of generosity and impact!

Remember, every boosted donation brings us closer to a world where hunger and food waste are things of the past. Let’s unite, boost, and make an extraordinary impact together!

Become a Booster Now and Amplify Your Impact at