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Donation Matching

By December 25, 2023No Comments

Joy’s Kitchen, a beacon of hope in Colorado’s fight against food insecurity and waste, is thrilled to announce an new way to supercharge your contributions to Joy’s – our brand new Fundraiser Creation System & Donation Matching Program! Thanks to the donation & effort of Jacob Lill, we now have custom software that revolutionizes how anyone can support our cause.

Easily Create your own Joy’s Kitchen Fundraiser!

Our brand new fundraiser program allows anyone to set up a personalized fundraising campaign complete with a special donation link and a unique fundraiser page. It’s a fantastic way to rally your community and amplify your impact in supporting Joy’s Kitchen’s vital work.

Optionally you can offer to automatically match donations!

Our program offers three dynamic ways to match donations, giving you the flexibility to tailor your fundraising strategy:

  1. Dollar Matching: Decide how much you want to match for each dollar donated through your fundraiser. This option doubles the impact of every dollar contributed by your supporters.
  2. Donation Matching: Choose to add a specific amount to each donation made. It’s a great way to encourage more people to contribute, knowing that their donation holds even greater value.

Both options Dollar and Donation Matching come with the ability to set a matching limit, ensuring you only match donations up to a predetermined amount – perfect for keeping your contributions within a comfortable range.

  1. Donation Goal Matching: Set a fundraising target, and if that goal is met, you decide how much you’d like to contribute. This goal-oriented approach can create a surge of support as your community works together to hit the target.

Designed for Impact

We’re dedicated to making giving both fun and impactful. Our new software is user-friendly, ensuring that setting up and managing your fundraiser is a breeze. It’s not just about raising funds; it’s about bringing people together for a cause that resonates with them.

Why Your Contribution Matters

Every dollar raised through these campaigns will go directly towards Joy’s Kitchen’s mission. Your support means:

  • Rescuing more food from waste, thereby helping to combat climate change.
  • Providing nutritious meals to families in need across Colorado.
  • Empowering our community through sustainable practices and volunteerism.

Join the Movement

By participating in our Donation Matching Program, you become an integral part of Joy’s Kitchen’s journey. Whether it’s through volunteering, donations, or spreading awareness, every action contributes to a stronger, more connected community where hunger and food waste are no longer prevalent issues.

Together, with your help and our new Donation Matching Program, we can continue to make a tangible difference in the lives of thousands while fostering a sustainable future. Let’s turn compassion into action!

Ready to setup your Fundraiser?